prices continue to rise…the law of increase.

summer is just about here and i am in the middle of setting budgets for the activities for the next year…it seems that everything has taken a steep jump in price. families will have to spend more for gas, groceries, services and basically anything and everything. now before you read this post, realize that i am in no way complaining! i know where our source is, but has anyone asked the question will the price we pay for goods and services ever stop going up? i went to chic fila last week and they came out with a new menu and i felt lost…but what woke me up was the increase in prices…here is a list of things that i have noticed an increase this year. summer camp, hotel prices, airline tickets, tour bus rentals, groceries (all of them), registration fees…so what’s the average family to do when all this happens. lean on THE source! if the price of goods and services have had major increases, then why not an increase in God’s economy. there is no limit to god, his presence or his power. we truly have all we need in him. they can increase the price of everything we use and consume…but God can handle it all. he is the author of increase.

if you are a youth pastor, and you plan activities for students with limited resources, it’s frustrating when prices increase and affect involvement. fundraising becomes vital to succeeding…but most can’t stomach fundraising! go ahead roll up your sleeves, wash a few cars, pick a few weeds, walk some miles or work some events all in the name of ministry! God always shows up and makes a way for ministry to happen!

psalm 115:14 The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children.

i plan on seeing increase in all that i do…ministry, family and finances…

read psalm 1:1-4…whatever he does prospers.


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