miracle night…

wednesday night was miracle night at calvary and the house was packed. we brought the entire youth ministry over to the sanctuary for one big service. now some gave me a hard time about going over…i heard this one girl say “i can’t believe we are going over there that is lame” i proceeded to tell her that she was gonna get something good tonight. God started to move and she was right down front getting hers. at one point pastor laid hands on kids called to the ministry and something like a blanket swept over the house. and the same girl was on the stage. the presence of God sat down in that building in a real way. pastor laid hands on the staff and it was like a hammer driving me into the ground. i felt like the weight of God’s presence like a blanket on me…his presence was so heavy tonight. i know this probably reads like jibberish but it’s only been moments since the sanctuary emptied. i spoke with one of our students who said “i am so glad we came over here tonight…i thought it was gonna be a place full of old people, but it was so real” i felt God in a real way tonight.

miracle night at calvary…i have been telling our missions team to ask for big things-not little things because god is in the business of doing things big. tonight he did it big at calvary. i saw so many step out and say they were called to ministry! i have been asking God this past year to call kids to do something great for him, it’s nights like this that i believe are pivotal points in students lives that everything shifts and changes into the right place for God to use them!

hold on God is up to something big here!


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