the human factor…

i am working on a series of messages about the flesh…the factor that plays into commitment, loyalty, servanthood and more…it’s how we deal with the flesh. the human factor in all of us is to simply take care of our flesh. to make our flesh feel good, look good and be well taken care of (well taken care of-that would mean exercise it and don’t over stuff it-that’s another message) there is a new movie coming out where the opening line in the teaser is “i have a problem…there are certain aspects of my personality that i cannot control.” for real…if i got mad and turned into a huge green beast that wrecked everything in sight i would have more than a “personality” problem. the last hulk movie was a bust. i wonder what this one will be like? there is a hulk inside of us all…it’s our flesh that needs to be crucified daily. the human factor is controlling your flesh or your flesh will control you.


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