book review “carry on”

i just finished reading “carry on” a book by a youth pastor on youth ministry. i sat in a class the author taught at a youth conference in kansas city and i came to find out he is a wealth of information. if you are new to youth ministry, been in it for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or even 17 years you will gather a wealth of information that will assist you on the journey of youth ministry. i laughed, i related, i was challenged and i bought several copies to give to interns and a few peeps i know. it was given to me by a friend so i am going to do the same! it’s an easy read…something i like…but it’s a great read for ministry. i’m not getting paid to write this, so you can either buy the book and gain knowledge or try to figure out why you are carrying so much stuff around in your carry on. thanks…scotty for a great book for youth pastors!

one excerpt i appreciated is evaluating where you have been. looking back so you don’t make the same mistakes again and again. it’s so easy to get tunnel vision and run from event to event and never evaluate what happened to make the next time bigger and better. we all want everything to blow up and go up but sometimes we get stuck in a rut wondering why we are struggling with the same issues!

if you want to grow as a leader in youth ministry, then buy carry on! it is a great read!


2 thoughts on “book review “carry on”

  1. thanks al, sounds like a good book. it is encouraging to hear from a veteran like yourself still reading and learning about how to do youth ministry. i think that is to be applauded. i believe when we get to the place that we stop learning and don’t think we can learn anymore in youth ministry, then it is time to get out. way to go. thx for the recommendation.

  2. Al,
    I spent 4+ yrs. w/ Scotty in Springfield. I graduated HS in their ministry and spend all 4 yrs. of CBC as youth staff. Back then, James River only had 4,000 people, 400-500 students and 50-60 youth sponsors (It was an intimate affair!) Since then, they’ve really exploded. I wonder if they exploded b/c I left or in spite of my leaving?

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the book. I didn’t know he had a book out. He’s a really neat guy… very genuine! Have fun in Nicaragua.

    – Chuck

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