summer is here…

i know it may be hard to believe if you are from the north or the midwest…but when the temp outside is 90-95 degrees and the humidity is thick and sticky…you know when you get in the car in the dead of summer and its well over 100 degrees in the car and you can’t breathe…you know when you have to roll down the windows to let the inferno out and its just as hot outside as it is in…you know when it gets so hot outside you can’t touch the steering wheel and the seats in your car if they are pleather (that would be the fake leather stuff) they stick to your legs…now my boys in miami (herns and kinglsey) are laughing now as they read this post, but the summer heat is here! i wanna go home now and jump in the pool!

endless summer heat!

i love the summer.

1 thought on “summer is here…

  1. Ahhh man you are so right on every point, and I’m laughing. Man the other day I thought my AC was blowing hot air, i had that thing blasting and I was still hot!!! It’s the summer!!! Oh yeah!!!

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