stress and pressure…

we all face stress and pressure whether its financial, occupational, relational…life is full of stress and pressure. today i felt it come from every angle and i found myself in a quiet place just dwelling on the stress all around. how do you handle the stress that life wants to hand you? if you focus on the stress, then the stress will get the best of you! if you focus on your savior, then you will find rest for your soul.

Jesus said come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and i will give you rest. the problem with stress is that it attempts to rob you of your rest. i found myself later focusing on my savior and all that he has done for me. God has done some big things in my life, and i began to remind myself of these. the issues are still real, but my savior is even more real!

if you are overwhelmed by the stress and pressure of life, then run to the savior and no to the stress! He will truly give you rest! this may only be a word for me, but in the state of the economy today i am sure there are many that find themselves dealing with stress and pressure!

1 thought on “stress and pressure…

  1. hey al you are so right. these stressors that come at us do disturb areas of our lives that forces some kind of response from us. these responses can either push us to seclusion or to action. the place of seclusion becomes dangerous because the enemy awaits us there and meets us with his deadly venom. this venom may not lead to physical death but it can just be as lethal rendering its prey immobile; paralyzed. the place of action is the place of creativity and more often than not become the impetus that pushes us into the arms of jesus.

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