i went to the doctor today for a first visit and a check up…the doctor visit was good. seeing a new doctor is not the funnest thing to do, but when he told me well, you’re not getting any younger. i felt like i could fall apart any minute. he gave me a good report and wants to do some blood work to take a closer look…going to see a doctor- is wisdom!

I added a student to our missions trip and i may add another tomorrow. wisdom is knowing when to make the right choices. we don’t always make the right choices in life because we don’t have a thing called wisdom. i pray continually for God to give me wisdom. the word says, if you lack it, then ask and he will give it! a lack of wisdom gets us into interesting situations. today i needed the wisdom of God to make a few choices. we will see how it all works out.

if you lack it ask for it and it will arrive. be wise!


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