the headach…

this morning i was awakened by the pounding of a sinus headache…this was the start of a rough and tough day. the pounding was so intense, it felt like someone was jumping up and down on the inside of my skull. today was gonna be a good day. i have a missions trip in less than a week, a training day tomorrow, my wife is trying to get a new car (didn’t work out today-maybe monday), i have a group of students going to blizzard beach (a disney water park) with 2 interns and pastor jon, tomas and marvin – everyone jumped ship today to go play in the water…so it seems. it’s fathers day and i needed to go buy a gift for jinny’s dad, so i dropped by journeys to pick up a pair of dunks…nice. i met wit ha lady that teaches stomp, picked up some junk from lowes, packed a few bags for the missionary, burned some cd’s for the trip and planned out tomorrow…

today started with a headache and is ending with some mindless activity…i am watching RV a movie with robin williams in it. just gotta laugh at life sometimes!


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