monday…the low down!`

today i got to sleep in till 8:30 i woke up to a 6 year old all cuddled up in the bed. love my kiddos. got ready, ate a bagel and ran to seabreeze high school. i know school is out but i had a meeting with the activity director to book some school assemblies in the fall. the budget cuts in our school district are so heavy-next year is gonna be different for kids. came home and chilled with my boys, watched tiger play a few holes and off we went to east coast outdoors (great place to buy ski gear, camping gear, fishing gear and skate stuff-and its family owned). i needed to pick up my fathers day gift. a new pair of sunglasses-i love a good pair of sunglasses…but i aint paying $300 for a pair. i know someone who did and i stepped on them by accident and snapped them in half-ouch that hurt!

we stopped by the pool store…bought a sub skate to play in the pool with and then headed home. i played lego indiana jones on the wii with jake and then swam with al all wile watching tiger take the us open. what an amazing golf match. i was pulling for rocco, but knew that tiger would pull it out! great monday!

tonight i met with 12 guys on our missions team and worked on a houdini box trick for overseas-nailed it and we are looking forward to nicaragua…3 days and counting!

here’s my new shades…spy optics cooper


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