flight cancelled…you gotta be kidding me!

today we went to the airport with 31 happy and energetic missionaries. we were headed to nicaragua. i woke up at 3:30 am after sleeping maybe 4 hours and dealing with commercial parking, hauling luggage, some guy with 2 huge dog boxes and the funkiest smell i have ever smelled. dogs…if you love them, then i will stop here. but if you smelled what i smelled it was by far the rankest thing that could come out of a cage. well we checked in, ate breakfast our flight was delayed and hour and the connecting flight 2 hours…we can be flexible and handle that. Now…people that never travel are funny to watch, especially when they don’t pack their liquids or carry bottles of gatorade in their carry on! (you mean i can’t take that on the plane…duh-No) well we took the train to our gate looked at starbucks and set the time to meet at the gate when i saw the screen flight 939 cancelled. what, you gotta be kiddin me. three and half hours later…we were leaving the airport the same way we came in on a bus. our trip is delayed till Sunday and we return on July 1.

it’s moments like these you smile and go with the flow or stress and lose your ever lovin mind. I choose to smile! i made a choice that my stress level needed to be on the low scale for this trip, so i am not yelling, or prodding-even when a first time flyer says-how many bags do i have to check? or what’s in this bag you gave me? an extra day in nicaragua…ok lord what are you trying to say? lead the way!

i could complain…but it would be a waste of words. thank God for his protection!


1 thought on “flight cancelled…you gotta be kidding me!

  1. wow Al man this is crazy. i know what it is like to be in your position as the lead person taking teens to a missions trip. i have never experienced what you did where a flight was canceled. delayed, yes. it is great in times like these to know who is in control. thank god you definitely know. we only have to rely upon what and who we know. all things do work together for good. you may not know or see the reason now, but you will one day on this side or on the other side. praying for you guys.

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