friday…i’m supposed to be in nicaragua!

what i did today…prayer was so good this morning. i read the book of ruth and then spent some quality time in prayer. today we were supposed to be in nicaragua but our trip has been delayed for 3 days. sunday we head out all 31 of us for 10 days. i found it hard to get rolling today…i studied, planned, repacked luggage on the bus, made a bunch of calls, ate lunch with with tomas, scott and denise at firehouse subs, pressed my guys about the goals for the next week, looked over our numbers over the past few summers. (this year we are having a slower start but we are right on track!) talked with our graphics guy about some ideas for the fall (i am stoked about the plan for the fall)…and finally when it was all said and done left work met my wife and signed some papers for her new ride. don’t hate but i got a deal the finance guy shook his head at…favor is a wonderful thing! thanks bear for working out all the details. here is a pic of the new ride…


2 thoughts on “friday…i’m supposed to be in nicaragua!

  1. maybe your trip got delayed so you could get your wife her new ride. at least you have one happy “camper” in your camp. lol. keep the spirit!

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