ten blog tips…

read this on mark battersons blog…great read for bloggers! have you ever read someones blog and wondered, why did they post that? theat’s too much info! don’t they know there boss and the rest of the world is reading this.

here’s the advice mark batterson gives…can’t wait till his book comes out! gotta get one!
Blogging came pretty naturally to me because I’ve always kept a journal. But over the years I’ve learned a few do’s and don’ts. Here are ten of them. I view them as my personal guidelines for blogging.

1) Stay Positive

Life is too short and the Kingdom Cause is too important for the sideways energy of negativity! In my opinion, too many blogs try to stir up controversy. And it’s almost always someone who has a very small readership. A blog is not a license to go negative or take potshots.

2) Include Hyperlinks

Remember the fear that technology would turn us into nameless, faceless autobots? That it would kill community. Again, it’s no replacement for face-to-face. But I think it’s had the exact opposite effect. It brings people together in amazing ways. And one way that happens is by linking to one another.

3) Keep it Short and Sweet

It’s a blog not a book!

4) Don’t let commentors hijack your blog

Here is a personal rule of thumb. When people post comments I try to discern the spirit behind the comment. If I feel like someone is trying to bait me or hijack my blog then I resist the temptation to go there. Here’s one lesson learned. If someone’s comment is longer than your post they might have an agenda! I do think it’s healthy to engage in respectful debate. But don’t let it cross the line.

5) Tell Your Wife About It Before You Blog About It

Guess how I learned this lesson? If your family has to read your blog to know what is going on in your life something is wrong! One critical decision you have to make is how transparent you’re going to be. I try to be emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually transparent. But I do have boundaries. For example, I don’t post pictures of my kids.

6) If You Wouldn’t Say it to Their Face Don’t Blog It

Again, I think we need civility and respect. I think there are ways to rebuke, exhort, and correct via blog. But do it in a gracious and redeeming way. Here’s the problem. That takes far more work! Meanness is laziness. Tactfulness is hard work.

7) Know Your Audience

Would you blog if no one read it? I think that’s a good litmus test. Obviously, if you are blogging you are doing it so people can read it. But I primarily blog for myself–it’s my journal. It’s the way I keep track of what God is doing in my life. But you also have to be cognizant of your audience. I have two primary audiences: pastors and NCCers. From a numbers standpoint, pastors are my primary audience. From a personal standpoint, NCC is my primary audience. I also know their is a growing audience amongst those who have read one of my books.

8) Be Yourself

A blog ought to be as unique as you are. It takes a while to find your voice. But don’t worry if it’s different. Different is good. I ought to be able to figure out your personality type by reading a month of entries!

9) Find Your Rhythm

Part of blogging is finding a way for it to fit your lifestyle. I think it’s critical that you be consistent. Consistency is key! But don’t revolve your life around your blog. Your blog needs to revolve around you! By the way, I used to think that my blog supplemented my sermons. Not so sure. Now I wonder if my sermons supplement my blog.

10) Stay Positive

I know. I know. I listed it twice!


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