nicaragua update…

tomorrow we head out for another trip to the airport. we struck out on thursday after getting next to no sleep. one of our students was so sick it would have been torture on him if we would have made it! we will be staying in managua for a few days where you can read some posts, look at a few pics and just pray for our group! then we will be in Masaya (big volcano) working for the middle of the week and then back to Managua. this is going to be an amazing 10 days…God is up to something here!

please pray…what should you pray for?
1. SOULS! we want to see people saved and changed by the power of God!
2. MIRACLES! we want to see real miracles on the street as we touch lives..the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk and the possessed are delivered! God is a miracle working God!
3. FAVOR! wherever we go and whatever we do, we want to see the favor of God on our lives and ministry
4. SAFETY! we need God’s protection while we travel and work!
5. HEALTH! we need our students to be healthy and strong! no matter what we eat and drink!
6. WISDOM! we need God’s wisdom to go the right places and do the right things!
7. pray for God to speak to our students! it is on a trip like this that many are called to ministry and find themselves pursuing God on another level!
8. REVIVAL! we want God to move in nicaragua!


2 thoughts on “nicaragua update…

  1. Thanks for arranging for Liz Prince to call and let us know you all arrived safely after such a ‘challenging start’. I pray that the logistics of herding 31 will move smoothly for you and that the kids’ both open their eyes as well as the eyes of others to how blessed they are. Lessons in humility and gratitude do us all good at times.

  2. Relieved everyone arrived safely – finally! Gotta know, John – did they let you through security with your fish hook? Nelson, I’ve got a great itsy-bitsy spider video just for you! Erin, make sure John takes his meds!

    What a great group shot! God is going to use each and every one of you in a mighty way!

    Pastor Al, thanks for squeezing John in for this trip! I’m excited for him.

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