nicaragua…1st full day

Nicaragua update…
we made it! we ran from one terminal to another in miami and they held the plane for us.for some of our students its hard to believe they are actually here…one student said “i can’t believe i am going on a missions trip”

This is the second day in the country…actually we came in late last night. Today we are training and preparing for where we will go tomorrow. Everyone is feeling well, no issues other than John nelson losing his mind on a bus when a treeantula (a tree) touched him through the window and he thought it was a spider. Our accommodations are just fine, tomorrow we head to Masaya where we will base out for 5 days working in the southern part of the country.

Our teams spirits are high. We have laughed prayed and worked hard! First time students…josh larson is the dancing machine, pedro loves the local monkey (the monkey pulled his hair), Denis was attacked by the monkey at the facility…actually the monkey wrapped his tail around his leg. Hannah Montana is fitting right in getting involved in every new drama and song. Mike Hoggs is a great servant and basically unloaded a bus single handedly (go mike). Jessica Hatley – her hair is great! Her bags are here…no hair dryer. Anthony is entertaining us all. John the intern…first trip- lots of pics…loves to dance…Karleigh Chase is on the phone…speaking Spanish! Zach (Goliath) had 3 coffees in the airport he was bouncing off the walls. Warning Zach needs no caffeine. Cody…what can you not say. He is just Cody and is eating quite well. Cody would be the one that gets bit by the monkey…as i type this i had to stop and tell Cody to not play with the monkey…the monkey was grabbing his shirt through the cage!

the weather is hot, humid and has rained 4 times today. rain storms come in like a monsoon and pour for short periods of time. it’s really different for many of our kids. we have eaten, rice chicken and vegetables…the kids are eating well.

Pray for us!

Tomorrow the adventure continues! We will keep you posted when we can!


6 thoughts on “nicaragua…1st full day

  1. Well Cody likes to monkey around and he loves to eat! (I knew I should’ve had him vaccinated for rabies.) LOL We are lifting all of you up in prayer.

  2. glad you all made it! can’t wait to see how the rest of your time there is going to turn out. i know God is going to do Big things! keep putting pictures up, i want to see!

    ~ Angela
    PS – thanks for putting a picture of alli up. take care of her! oh, and tell her i said hi! 🙂

  3. Good to hear that everything is going good so far. can’t wait to hear what God is going to do this week. God is going to show up in a BIG way. thanks for putting some pictures up, keep it comming.

    ~ Ang

    p.s. – take care of alli for me since im not there to do it. make sure she doesnt get sick! also could you tell her that i said hi and that i love her! thanks!! 🙂

  4. We’re all glad that you arrived safely and are blessing many…
    Prayers are going up on all of your behalfs and we know that God is so good!
    We believe signs, wonders and miracles shall follow ya’ll!
    Glory to God on High!
    Please let us hear more from you!

    We send love…

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