1st day of ministry in nicaragua

Wow! Our first day of ministry was incredible. We started the morning with a move to our new hotel in the city of Masaya. Pastor Jen and Ronnie’s team worked in Masaya going non-stop doing program after program. They began doing street ministry in the rain and ended the day with a service in a local church. Their most memorable sight was a dog that had been spray painted. Their piasos (clowns) enjoyed a spa treatment (mud bath). Pastor Al’s team went to Granada—a beautiful colonial city. They did two street programs, a high school, and ended with a church service (complete with a dead rat in front of the church). The service was amazing—God’s presence was powerfully felt. We reached out to thousands today, and prayed for hundreds of children, teens, and adults to receive Christ. After each prayer of salvation, we’ve prayed for miracles. The people are so desperate. We are ministering to such a needy country. Remember to pray for us…please. Our biggest desire is to see God move for these precious people. We know our God is able!!!

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