saturday in nicaragua…

we have been here 6 days and it’s been quite an experience…Saturday in Nicaragua.

Today was a hot, sweaty and rainy day. We headed out to the local on the run for a few snacks and ice, then to another neighborhood to assist a church in outreach. The pastor was wearing a boston red sox t-shirt and spoke English real well. The church has been around for 2 years and is struggling to grow. The area we worked in hates the gospel. We did 2 programs before lunch in the scorching sun, then back to the on the run for lunch…ahhhhh ac for lunch. Then back into the community, the sky opened up and it rained! We were all soaked to the bone, then we went to another site and did another program, it’s funny to see us set up in the middle of the street and shut down traffic. Cars just seem to wait or go around. Some small taxis would drive right thru…if they stopped our bus leader would move them on.

we saw some interesting things today.

2 transvestites at the gas station in 8” heels… our students took pictures candidly, then when they left a bus load of transvestites pulled up to pick them up! There’s a parade in another town and we found out the city we were in was known for homosexual activity. Animals…pigs, birds, dogs (mangy dogs everywhere) rabbits…kids would bring them to the program in the beginning for prizes.

Church tonight was amazing. Each night was different, we went to a huge church with hundreds of people and the altar time was powerful. people were laid out all over in the dirt! We went to a small church in a town that is known for witchcraft and the pastor led songs with a cd. Tonight we went to a small church in a good size building…a bunch of kids from the daytime programs showed up. We sang, did drama and preached. The altar time our students were weeping praying and pressing people. We climbed on the bus and our leader had a word for us about revival and we prayed even more. God was so thick in that bus! Tonight was a moment to remember. I feel like some of our students were called to the ministry this week! Now that is powerful! both our teams have had amazing moves of God in the night services…people are healed, saved, and filled with the holy ghost!

Tomorrow is the last day of programs…the clown suits could walk home on their own. We will finish hard tomorrow! the team has worked very hard this week! our schedule starts at 6:30 am every day and ends around 10pm…can’t wait to leave the super dump and move back to managua and stay in the hotel ticomo…if you could put a star on the hotel we stayed in, it would be a -3 you would have to give a star away to stay here…

tonight when we got settled in after a dinner of rice and beef (was that beef?) john nelsons friend the mouse showed up…after munching on a few snacks it came out to show off. welll when we moved the luggage and it ran out about 15 kids screamed and ran down the hall. there are moment like this you just have to laugh!

mom’s and dad’s you would be proud of your kids! they are having some life changing moments.

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