sunday the last day of ministry…

today was the official last day of programs. we packed out bags and looked forward to leaving the hotel. after meeting up at a local church we split and went 2 different directions to do programs. we squeezed in 2 programs before lunch and then 2 after lunch. the last program on the street was in a city park. up to this point our teams have not been able to link up and minister together, but we ran into each other today and had the time of our lives. pastor al and jinny’s team were on their way to the church for the service when they ran into pastor Jen and pastor ronnie’s team (yep you read that right…that’s what they call ronnie in nicaragua leading a team) we have great leaders on this trip that have prayed with our students and worked side by side all along the way. props go out to john, marvin, erin, lisa, lindsay, and john.

the program in the park was the highlight for the day, our kids are seriously ready to come home! when this opportunity came up we danced, sang, did drama and just simply had a great time together. this was the shot in the arm our teams needed. God knows just what we need and he delivers it right on time!

right after this we went to the church for service…there were hundreds of people packed into this building. NO AC and very few fans and hardly any windows. it must have been 110 degrees in the building. we sweat so bad presenting drama, dance and simply praying for people that our entire team smelled like a wet dog…gross. well the sweat was worth it…people were saved, healed and filled with the holy ghost. the altars were powerful as we prayed for the sick. we prayed for the team of students in the church that worked with us today and the power fell. God was so thick in this church! when it was all said and done…the ministry part of this trip was over. we went out with a bang! the kids were spent and ready to move back into the hotel we stayed in the first day! we packed the buses and drove to our hotel. dinner was chicken and rice…yummy. a cold shower (whatever temp it comes out of the faucet) was gonna feel good.

tomorrow we head off to granada to tour the islands shop and eat pizza! yes! we can’t wait.

pray for our flights on tuesday! pray for favor and no delays…we truly are ready to come home!


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