summer…half way done…good times roll

well it seems to be flying by and we have so many more things to tackle. today we had a chic pool event at my house…great times for girls to connect with my wife and some leaders. tomorrow night we have a dodgeball tournament and monday we head off to camp with 50 students. busy times at crave! while we are gone chic-fila is sponsoring a block party on wednesday night for our church (i hear they are gonna launch cows off the roof). when we get back we have a fundraising event for fine arts, a water park trip to typhoon lagoon, a benefit show to sponsor fine arts (numerous fine arts rehearsals), campmeeting (by far the most exciting 3 days of ministry at calvary every year) and then we head off for the national fine arts festival in charlotte, NC. oh i nearly forgot that i am gonna take a few days to vacate with my fam before fine arts and after.

summer…good times at crave!


1 thought on “summer…half way done…good times roll

  1. hey al may god give you his grace and strength to continue to fulfill his call upon your life. keep up the good work. wow, i get tired just reading all that you have coming up. lol. it’s youth ministry.

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