summer camp recap…

every summer we take students to summer camp. this year the speaker was Wayne Northup, worship was led by Jason Jones and Kenny Hope, the recreation director was Sam Lopez, and i had the privilege of directing the camp. i look forward every summer to this week and this year proved to be over the top. we had a great staff of youth pastors and leaders that served this week. the first night the altars were jammed with students and it rolled deeper from there. the second night many were filled wit the baptism in the holy ghost…and we left the service after midnight, the third night was so thick we never had a formal dismissal, and on the last night god simply showed up huge as students committed themselves to live it out.

summer camp is a time to have fun, encounter god and simply make new friends. i got to know some great leaders this week! our crew of students were led by 4 young adults…brian, daniel, megan and ashlei-they truly made a difference in our kids lives. i can’t wait to see the lasting effect this week had on our students. they truly walked away with something tangible this week. i probably got 4-5 hours of sleep each night running the camp. i am exhausted…yet fulfilled in all that i saw God do! i have a great group of kids…

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