monday…summer camp and a trip to ikea!

we dropped off al at summer camp and then went over and spent like 3 hours at ikea. jake got a 6 foot cuddly dragon, a blanket…jinny got some drapes for the pool deck, drinking glasses…and i got a small table for my office. we went to check out some lamps, rugs and furniture for the cafe. ikea has some sweet deals on stuff. we are looking to give the cafe and game room a facelift and reopen this fall. i love that place, but it truly needs some TLC. if you have about 2k lying around and you love students make a simple donation to crave and it will be put to great use! just thought i would ask all those that read this blog!

at camp i ran into some old friends…sure is good to see peeps you use to run with at camps, now dropping their kids off too! i am praying for our kids at camp this week that they would be filled and touched in a powerful way!


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