my thursday….

woke up this morning with a splitting headache and my chest so full of crud i could barely breathe. we had a grip of students going to typhoon lagoon and after many texts to people i fell out and low and behold woke up at 1pm. went to the bank and made a deposit and then ran into the office. i have so many things on my mind i just needed to do a little work on a budget, fine arts and oh yah i uploaded another podcast. tonight im home without my boys…one at camp and one at a cousins house, so we went out and ate a good meal at carrabbas and now home for some coffee and a few shows on tv. i watched and episode of my big redneck wedding. it was a demolition car derby wedding. where do they find these people. well, my day is over now and i need to wind down and have a moment with God. this is my day. did i say i missed my son…he’s been away at camp for a week. tomorrow he heads home, and i am looking forward to seeing him!



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