customer service…

there are places you go and you can’t get anyone to help you and you wonder what in the world they do to stay in business, t hen there are places that you go to and you get the royal treatment. well not royal, but they know your name, know you like to order certain things and they even look out for your interests. you know the p[lace where you feel good about going to and glad you spent your lunch there.

now starbucks is one of those places that if you go often enough, then they will remember your drink and your name. I feel kinda weird when the guy behind the counter calls out my name and my drink. But there is a chic fila in our town where this lady passes out mints, and purell hand cleaner. she always brings over this huge pepper grinder knowing i like pepper on my fries and strips. she has a great smile and takes care of everyone. one time they place was so jammed there was nowhere to sit, i had the fam there and she grabbed one of my sons by the hand and ran him to the last table open to hold us a spot. i like this place! it’s chic-fila and it’s the service you truly don’t expect in fast food.

this brings me back to the church. customer service is all about the customer and when thousands of customers come through in a single day it can get kinda hectic. it’s really cool to look out for people that struggle getting in. there is this one lady that comes in every week and she use to never drive someone always brought her and she was real frail. well one sunday she came in driving and opened her window to say this it was the first time in years she had driven. working with a perking crew is not on the hit list for volunteers, but just helping customers out have the best possible experience is what the church should be all about. some don’t come in with a smile, but the what does a smile and a wave cost you anyway? hospitality is a gift, some people just don’t have it. so when you drive onto the church parking lot with all the cares of the world weighing you down, look for the guy smiling back at ya…his name is mike and he is always full of cheer!

1 thought on “customer service…

  1. couldn’t agree more…I call it the “mouse” factor – cause we all know you’re treated like royalty at disney world…we went on a disney cruise and it spoiled us for life…won’t go on any other cruise liner from now on…keep blogging

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