campmeeting…2 amazing nights!

ok…i did not blog about last nights camp meeting. Tommy Barnett hit it out of the park with a message “the honor of wanting to quit” when you are near a person like tommy barnett you feel oh so insignificant. He is such an amazing man of God with faith and is doing so much. it makes you feel like you are not doing enough for Christ! wow what an amazing night! people that want to quit have something to quit! well it was truly a night of impartation. i got some great things last night. you left the building feeling better than when you came!

side note…parking crew (john, jeremy, mike, daniel, pedro and tony) it rained but you guys stayed with it and jammed the lot.

tonight tommy bates spoke and it was powerful. this was the first time i have heard him and if i could describe his preaching i would say it was a mixture of old time pentecostal powerful preaching mixed with relevance for today i.e…sound like yesterday but relevant for todays generation. in the end students were laid out on the stage speaking in other tongues. i got close to see him pray for a student that has been out for some time and he grabbed me and spoke over my life and pastor jon’s. powerful it felt like a blanket a heavy wet blanket was laid on me and i could not get up. God was big tonight. he said that there was change coming…not that i was leaving, but there was going to be a change in flow! i have been praying all week for God to speak to me about crave, life and the future…he spoke exactly what i have been praying for crave…God whatever it takes bring change to crave! i want the supernatural to be working, i want God to call students out of this group to do significant things, i want revival…i want all that God has for this place. I simply want God to be big.

I left tonight still carrying the effects of what God had done tonight…wow it was a powerful night. i am now looking with expectation for God to break out in crave! God is truly up to something big here…the harvest is coming!

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