fine arts is upon us…

last night was a preview night at crave and we had a time. parents, friends and families came to watch our students in many different categories. in the end one of our worship teams threw it down and we closed the night out with prayer. you could feel God moving in the end of the service. the night was not the smoothest and never is due to technical issues for bands, singers, acoustic sets and human video..but all went well and it was a good night for students to practice in front of an audience before the festival. I am so proud of these kids…there are some extremely talented kids in our group and we are blessed! God is so good.

in the end of the service i spoke about what happened the night before at camp meeting…i could feel God all day long! tommy bates was praying for a young adult that use to be involved in crave and i squeezed through the crowd to get close. i wanted god to do something big in this kids life, well after he prayed for him he grabs me by the hand and speaks of change…for a moment i wanted to pull away because i was not ready for that word and he clarified that he was not sending me out! well, i have been praying for a definite change in this up and coming group of students and he spoke directly to what i have been praying for! God is truly about to do something in students lives and push the shy and timid to the foreground. tuesday night was a great moment for the portion of students that were their. last night i spoke to them about moving when God moves and told them of the change that was coming to crave.

God i truly desire for you to move in a powerful way in crave! i want more!

its time for a move of God in crave…


1 thought on “fine arts is upon us…

  1. Those 4 nights were some of the most earth shattering, life changing nights i have had since back from Nicaragua. I wish i could tell everything but then id be blogging on here too lol. There is just some ways that God moved in that i had never expected to happen and he is going to do stuff in this generation NOW! Makes me excited just typing it and i still feel the presence so strongly, God Bless ppl. ❤

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