Visit to Free Chapel

Today was a great day to visit a church. We showed up early to free chapel and scouted out the land. When the first service ended a sea of people were leaving and a sea of people were going to the second service.
The atmosphere was marked by excellence from the parking, to the kids center, to the flow of the service. We truly enjoyed our visit. Free chapel is a great church! It was packed out and diverse and Definitely Pentecostal.
Plus our kids enjoyed kidpack adventure. If you are in the gainsville, ga area, the stop by for a visit. If you are in the daytona beach area, then stop by Calvary Christian Center for a life changing experience. I love my church. Here are a few pics from today. Pastor Franklin tore it up today…


1 thought on “Visit to Free Chapel

  1. As a member of Free Chapel, I agree totally with your sentiment and the Holy Spirit that is present each time I enter the doors of my church. Pastor Franklin and First Lady Cherise are phenomenal servants to the body of Christ, along with Pastor Franklin’s mother, who is a DIVA (Designed In Virtue and Anointing)!

    I have an 8-year old son, Tre’Bien who believes Kidpak is heaven on earth. He is on a high each time he enters kidpak to worship and give Glory to God.

    So glad you enjoyed your visit to a church where dreams come true and the Spirit of the Lord Lives – Free Chapel!

    Blessings to You and Yours!

    LaJoi L. Parker
    Stone Mountain, GA

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