what time is it?

wednesday night message was a memorable night…let me explain. i woke up wednesday morning in cashiers NC and was bound a determined to get back to Crave for service. we headed off at 7:30 and plugged in our destination and the wonderful gps said we would be back by 5:00 PM. awesome…i could go home change some back and set up the powerpoint and preach. well, that’s before we drove through rain and road construction through the entire state of South Carolina. by t he time we stopped at starbucks, stopped at a fruit stand to buy some peaches, ate some lunch, filled up on gas…the gps read 6:30…ouch no time for anything and i needed to change. we blew through jacksonville taking the 9A loop and arrived at the church at 6:28. i knew that tonight was gonna be special.
we started the service and the crowd was decent, i ran around and set up some details, then jumped into service. I felt such an urgency to preach what God had given me, and the altars were full.

What time is it?
1. It’s time for God to move!
2. It’s time to not miss God moving!
3. It’s for God to move at your school!

“if you don’t move when God moves, how can you expect Him to move when you need Him to move?”

we closed the altars with students around the altars and our leaders anointed them wit oil for the new school year. God is moving in crave! can’t wait to see all that He will do this year!

next week we continue the series on what time is it…it’s time to see a harvest!

long day…but worth it all in the altars!


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