saturday…a day at the prison

about twice a year i get the privilege to preach at the prison…this time came after a busy time in my life, but i was stoked to do it. our outreach pastor picked me up at the crack of dawn and we met a group at the prison. they search you, scan you and tag you to go in…then you walk across the compound with no escort, no body just you and Jesus. we went to the chapel prayed and got ready for the first service…we welcomed all the inmates that showed up and got into service. the inmates start the service with a few worship songs…one song…a point of grace song…”Jesus will still be there”. there are always a few questions that run through my head when i am at a prison…why are these men in here? what in the world is a 50-60 year old man doing in prison? why is that man trying to look like a woman…puke? i met a man that was getting out in nine months and he was from Jacksonville, and his family ran a dog kennel on the north side of town that we use when we went out of town. I also met a man that was a 22 year old gang banger-he wanted to change, but he had so much rank in gangs that older men even looked up to him. he was had tattoos all over as well as 2 tears on his face…he even confessed to dealing drugs in prison and carrying the word. the service went well…i preached a message out of acts 16, when paul and silas were put in prison after delivering a demon possessed girl. the title was “obstacles that keep you from all that god has for your life” basically what do you need to get over… God moved and lives were touched! praise God!

we all went to lunch where i got to watch a little of the redeemed team, then back to another prison! i was wore slap out after 2 services and a full lunch. the second service was packed out and they opened the windows and let the heat in. needless to say it was a cooker. Saturday was a good day ministering the gospel. i went home and mowed my yard and hung out with the fam. what was your saturday like?


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