a new car for pastor al…

i have a wonderful car that i would love to drive until the wheels fall off…but it is a lease that my bro hooked me up with-super cheap! thanks bro… I extended the lease from 24 to 30 months and next week it’s up. i called and tried to go for another 6 months and they more than doubled the lease payment..ouch it did not take me long to say-you can have it back. here’s a pic of my car…don’t be a hater!

now i have been looking for another car…due to the fact that i can’t get a family lease anymore…the company cut out the fam…i walked all over the place, looked online and stumbled onto a Jeep. ya that’s right…i am seriously looking at a jeep. it was really fun to drive! my son, said “dad, can you take me to school everyday in this?” i talked to one of our young adults that works on jeeps and found out all the upgrades were done at the shop he works at…well he sent me this text “if you get that jeep…u will be my hero!” everyone wants to be a hero…

2005 Jeep Unlimited…big change from a CLK


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