filled and overflowing…

well not really but tropical storm fay came by my house and gave us a good soaking. i emptied the excess water in the pool 4 times…in the midst of driving rain 🙂 its funny to look at a pool and see that it can only be filled with so much water. i remember when the pool was put in…it took what seemed like forever to fill, but with time any vessel that has a constant inflow will eventually fill to the point of overflowing. emptying the pool when it gets to the point of overflowing reminds me of people’s lives…we are all vessels, but the question is…Are we empty vessels? Are we half full vessels? are we full vessels? are we overflowing vessels? if we are full vessels, then what are we full of? what’s overflowing out of our lives?

some are so full of the world, the only thing that flows out is the mindset of the world. they know so much about earthly things, but they are so out of touch of heavenly things that nothing good flows out. don’t read into this and think its wrong to be earthly minded…we need to be relevant, but if we look like the world and sound like the world then when are we the body of Christ. which leads me to another question…why is it so out of touch to be in apart of the body of Christ? vessels…some are so full of heavenly things that they are looking for more vessels to fill up on…vessels are meant to be filled, but if there is no flow then it’s just still water. vessels…they are meant to hold whatever is poured into it, but what flows out is what we should be concerned with. Jesus talked about vessels when he said out of the overflow of your heart the mouth speaks…

my thoughts tonight as i emptied out the excess water in my pool:)

check your vessel…

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