a new day…a new ride.

do you hat buying a vehicle as much as i do? i have had some pretty interesting experiences in buying vehicles. i remember graduating college and driving a YUGO that’s right, well the day i went to trade it, it died. i met this car salesman at a reputable dealership in jax and negotiated a deal. he got so mad because i knew too much and asked for a lot less than what he was offering. he told me i needed to get the preacher out of me and just buy a car. what in the world? well, by for the best experience ever has happened 2 times. i leased a 2006 mercedes CLK with an amazing deal! They put the car in the showroom, put your name on the sign inside and treated you like royalty. pretty cool experience. i hate to go to dealerships looking for a car. there is a huge auto mall close to hear and they have these large stands where people are perched up on to catch every person that walks on the lot.you are seriously a target when you walk on a lot.

well, the lease is up and now i am making a change. what do I get another mercedes? the sweet deals for family have run out or actually no longer exist. so i walked around checking out all kinds of vehicles. i was truly not interested in alot. i looked at cars, trucks, van (well not to buy, but just to see). i drove this guy crazy at the dodge dealership showing me so many different vehicles, he knew i did not know what i wanted. i looked at a bunch of jeeps and searched all over the web for a jeep. one night driving by this dealership i saw a jeep, so i went 2 days later and checked it out and when i did a friend was sitting in it looking it over. he knew a lot about jeeps and was impressed by the jeep.

tropical storm fay blew in and car sales stopped for 3 days. i made an offer online-a low offer and the next day the ball began to roll. i guess when you don’t sell anything for a few days dealers get hungry to move anything. the used car manager even made me a counter offer over the phone and i wanted lower then he went even lower in the middle of the storm. all said and done, the deal went thru and i am a proud owner of a for real jeep. i turn in the clk this week…i am sad for that, but it’s a new day.

here is my new ride. my boys love the new ride. i can’t wait for a sunny day off to take the top down and go to the beach!


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