friday night lights…

tonight we hit the calvary lions football game and had a blast. they lost the game, but had showed great heart, when the refs gave fumble turnovers amidst block punts under the lights. friday night football is here and it’s a brand new year. the team looked strong tonight. there’s a lot of talent on the team the most energetic kid i have seen is an 8th grade quarterback they call squirt. he ran, threw and gave laid it all on the field. the lions look to be a better team under a new coaching staff, new athletic director and an array of new students. the lights were bright tonight at the ormond fields…i would have to say the field was like playing on a 6A football field compared to the field at derbyshire. the stands were filled with families and fans looking forward to a great battle on the field. the only thing missing was the school band…i guess they don’t play for a preseason game.

a few observations…the home and visiting team sit side by side in the stands. that will make for a great night when a rival is in the house. the sidelines were filled with pastors, staff and energetic fans following the ball up and down the field. kids found their usual place in the stands and all over the sidelines throwing balls and having a good time. my boys played so hard they were a sweaty mess by the end of the night. friday night lights is in full swing for calvary and every other school in the county! a high school football game…this is how we spent friday night.

1 thought on “friday night lights…

  1. yeah the food fight it a crazy one but it has been good to us and gets bigger each year.
    we actually have a luxury that we can do it on an unused part of our property and not have to clean up the grounds. it takes care of itself in a week or less:)

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