monday…labor day!

woke up this morning late…9:45am! come on now-that’s a great way to start a day. the boys spent the night at their cousins house and we got to go out to a movie last night…date night was in full swing. i have to say this…leaving the theatre i saw a turtle vendor. they were selling these little turtles with tanks, and i almost bought one. it was an emotional buy all the way, but after thinking what happens when they get big, i figured i’m out no pets in the force home. so i got to sleep in and then decided to mow the yard. it was a cooker outside, i mowed and then cleaned the filter in the pool and swam for a few. right around 12 i decided to jump on the bike…i haven’t rode in forever and start training. Now that was a whim…i rode 4.7 miles and the rain came and shut it down. after leaning up, we all jumped in the car and headed for a mall in orlando…we had a plan. Forever 21, urban outfitters and then IKEA. we spent some real time in ikea and i even ate swedish meatballs. IKEA was hopping today. we bought a few small things, and then headed for the house. when i got home the weather was amazing so i jumped on the bike and rode 8 more miles…felt good starting to train on the bike. oh yah…in October i am gonna ride like 115 miles in one day for missions. i need to get some time in the saddle to help with that! tonight we watched prison break and it was suspenseful…i love my DVR we started almost 30 minutes after it started and finished without any commercials just 6 minutes after it ended…i hate commercials. off to bed now! labor day was a lot of work…i need some rest!


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