it’s all new…whiffle ball and a canvas board.

it’s a new year full of new challenges. today i went to a high school for an FCA meeting and ran into a few youth pastors. God is truly up to something in our city…these guys genuinely want to reach kids! i saw some new faces ran into some old ones as well. afterwards i went to walmart to pick up some canvas boards for tonight’s message. tonight we are going to challenge our students to step up to the plate and swing for the fences. i was looking for a whiffle ball bat and ball and struck out, but toys r us has some in stock. God is moving and serving up pitches so we can clear the fence. we just need to step up to the plate see the ball and swing. the problem is so many are either afraid of the ball or they are not willing t o step up to the plate, or they have their eyes closed to the lost. you can’t hit a home run with your eyes closed. we are gonna have some fun tonight and encourage kids to reach their school! i truly desire for students to become soul winners. the time is NOW!

this year is a new year full of opportunity to reach some kids. at the close of our service tonight we plan to pray around the altars for the lost. so many lost…who will pray for them? every person has a name and god knows that name…who will call out their name? we have 3 canvas boards for students to fill tonight with the names of students they know that need Christ. somebody has to pray…somebody has to step up…somebody is gonna hit a home-run. why not our students? it’s a new year to reach someone! whiffle ball and a canvas board…whatever it takes to stir a generation to reach somebody!



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