i am christian!

you ever wonder why there are not more courageous people in this world. You know…people you read about that gave all they had just to spread the Gospel. i truly desire to raise up a radical group of students with reckless faith. the kinda faith that stares compromise in the face and resists the temptation to give in! the kinda faith that stands toe to toe with the cool factor and chooses to burn hot and bright for God. in the 80’s i read a book by Arthur Wallace called the radical christian. someone gave me a copy and warned me if i read it, then it would mess me up! we need to bring back the radical christian to the forefront. so many want to be sensitive to the teen, not wanting to offend them. others just want to create an atmosphere that draws in, and connect them with other churched kids. (well if what they are connecting them to is not better than what they are then who is influencing who? and who is reaching a generation? what this world needs is not another special program to reach special students, this world needs a mind blowing move of god that shakes this generation to their core. a move that upsets the status quo in todays students and stand for holiness! there is so many grey areas in the church today, that a lot that was called sin is now simply overlooked.

i have been moved by our lead pastor and His wife’s passion to see this generation experience a for real revival and move of god on another level. you can hear it in their prayers, their conversation and their passion. today our pastor preached a message in chapel at our christian school about courage…i wept at how courageous first century believers were with their faith. Sunday he preached a message called maintain the flame and pressed people that we need to transfer what was deposited in us! if we don’t pass on what was deposited in us, todays generation will grow up weak, powerless and void of a true pentecostal encounter. we need people that are simply willing to give their life to see God move in a powerful way!

Arthur Wallace said this….”The best thing you can do with your life is to find out what God is doing in your generation and give your life to it!”

More than just thoughts tonight….


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