crave all niter…my thoughts…

– all niters are great ways to connect with students that you are not presently connected with…time is your best friend. i found out a lot about some of our kids i knew nothing about-simply by spending time with them.
– all niters are disasterous if you don’t plan and you have too much time on your hands…
– moonlight bowling is a bad idea mixed in with the general public…who bowls at midnight in the dark-sketchy people!
– students say really interesting things when they are deprived of sleep…
– students that are autistic, add or just plain middle school age can turn a go cart track into a demolition derby!
– students can fall asleep anywhere in any position on any surface…especially at 3 am when spiderman is on and the lights are low…snooze time!
– no matter how bad you want to go home when it’s over, it’s never over till the last student gets picked up!
– people that are normally late to things are really late at 7am when they need to pick up their kids.
– gocarts, laser tag, a good flick krispy kreme doughnuts and games where you win tickets and buy junk are all staples to all night fun!
– you will find trash, food and all sorts of things left behind by students that are deprived of sleep.
– people are really cranky when they stay up all night-if you tackle an all night event choose to be happy!

all this said we had a great night…we did not lose anyone, we did not lose our minds, no one got hurt, and students got to connect with one another!

props go out to brian, john N, john P, angela, megan, tj, pastor jon, jinny for all your hard work last night!


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