my online life…

well here is just the low down of what i am doing online this weekend…i am selling my apple iphone since i got the new 3G and i like the 3G. i spent $425 for the 1st iphone and used it for 7 months and right now it is at $202.50 i hope to get close to $400. the nice thing the 3G cost $199! well i am also tracking 2 fantasy football leagues. we have one that our church staff is on with several others and this week i got taken to the woodshed, but the upside is that in my other league which is full of our youth leaders i beat up on our worship leader…sorry mike! you left one spot empty…oh well i will take the win. i am working on updating the crave website! hopefully it will be up by the end of the week. i am buying a few songs on itunes…watching hurricane ike roll out away from Florida! come on somebody we can shout about that…well until it slams into texas. the last thing i am doing beside writing a blog each day, is reading several blogs. here is a list of a few from bloglines i subscribe to…Jinny force…chic blog, more than dodgeball-josh griffin, without wax-pete wilson, steven furtick, mark batterson-evotional.
these are just a few blogs i enjoy reading!

where have you been online this week?


3 thoughts on “my online life…

  1. i knew you’d give in to the 3G. i don’t find the battery very efficient.

    i’ve got 3 fantasy teams- one destroyed with the loss of Tom Brady.

    i’ve also started to blog again:

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