a day at the beach

today i took the boys and went to the beach…jake was whining “i don;t wanna go dad” when it was time to leave i had to drag him off the beach. we swam, kicked a soccer ball around and dug hole to fill with water and then built a sandcastle. i got down in the hole with the boys and dug away and then just sat back and watch the imagination go wild. my boys are so imaginative. jake was driving his truck around and dumping loads of water into the hole and al was simply playing away with the castle. jake caught a fish and decided to show it for the cam…he died đŸ˜¦ in the middle of it all i began to pray and just think about how good God has been to us. i watched as the boys truly played and had the time of their lives, and i was enjoying every moment. it was then that God spoke to me that he loves to watch over us and truly enjoys it when we are having the time of our lives. here is the thought of the day…God is watching and enjoying your life. we were created for his good pleasure!


oh yah it was so hot out that we got a bit burnt today!


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