unleashed…a compel night at crave

heres the skinny on what took place at crave tonight…
-we had a packed out house and they came in slow once again.
-we had 3 dogs in the house…a doberman and 2 boxers-the doberman farted on stage and stunk the place up for real!
-we had literally 30+ kids get saved…praise God!
-i had one kid come up to me in worship asking to get his life right then…he could not wait!
-we had 40 pizzas that showed up 20 minutes late…thanks dominos!
-we had a huge mess in the cafe…the aftermath was serious…it’s all clean now.
-we gave away a bunch of stuff-t-shirts,pencils, rubber band bracelets and $100 credit card – one of our college students won the card…way to go kerri!
-we had some sketchy kids in the house…man i love it when the lost comes to church!
-we had a grip of new kids come through…thats why we do compel nights.

you never know what will happen when you bring live animals into a room with hundreds of kids…it all went well! i was hoping for a great dane or a bull mastiff but what we got was perfect…thanks pastor jon, daniel and mike!

if you are a youth pastor we are going to package this night up so you can do an unleashed night! Comment if you are interested…includes artwork, videos, sermon, power point, invites and more…everything but the dogs!

I’m out!


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