Your brand is who you are…when someone says your name, whether it’s a youth church, a church or even a particular conference that you hold, what do they think of when the brand rolls off their lips? a good brand is necessary to market a good product. Starbucks, Blockbuster video, McDonalds, Home Depot all are brands that when you read them you associate a particular service or product that these businesses market. their marketability is tied to the brand. Now, lets say someone comes along and sees the brand…the product and decides I like that brand and they use it for themselves, then they are fringing on the rights of a particular brand. Now i know you have never gone to a conference or a church and saw what they were doing and used their brand as your own, but maybe you have done this before…you see a concept and fall in love with an idea that someone worked hard to put together and you change it, shift it, work it into something that is you but is inspired by someone else…now thats nothing more than inspired creativity. this happens all the time! if it’s someone else’s brand, then there is nothing original in the product you are producing! it’s nothing more than a clone, and we all know a clone is not the original.

You were not created to be someone else’s clone! You were created to be an original you! If you are a youth pastor, then figure out who you are and be the best “you” on the planet! Nobody else can be you! Ministry that clone’s ministry is void of the creative nature that the god of the universe has deposited inside of you! The same power that raised Christ from the dead is the same power that spoke into the darkness and made something out of nothing! Guess what…that same power is inside of you!

how do you feel about your brand? has someone infringed on it lately?


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