fail to plan…plan to fail

nobody truly plans to fail, well nobody in there right mind does. everyone i know wants to succeed, but if we fail to plan, then ultimately we plan to fail. now let’s talk about failure…there is really nothing wrong with failing, if you learn from your mistakes and plan and strategize better the next go around. a couple of thoughts about the planning process…

– do you include people or exclude people in the planning process. when we plan an event we try to bring in the right players in order to get a good vibe and sense of creativity to maximize our strategy. just remember if you get the wrong players in the room you can complicate the planning process. some people add too much to the planning process while others don’t contribute a thing.

– the location in which you plan is very important to the process as well. i like to plan in a room with mood and atmosphere…low lights, cold water, note pad and a mac. sitting around a table throwing out ideas like a bad little league pitch can bog down the process. i also like to meet with people in restaurants over a meal where just a small number of players can hammer out a good plan over wings, a burger or something. i love it when the creative juices get flowing and the wheels start to turn faster and faster…alice we are going somewhere now!

– do you go over the plan after the plan has been executed. the best time to evaluate is the day after. every thursday i sit down with my counterpart and we go over the plan from the night before. yes…you got it, we are pentecostal and we do have a plan for each wednesday night. when you go over the executed plan you can fix details that don’t flow well or position people in better positions…if you don’t it’s quite easy to continue to repeat the same issues again and again!

plan…do whatever it takes to plan for success! if you fail to plan, then you basically are planning to fail!


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