Trip to the doctors office…

Today I dropped off the kiddos at school went home cooked up some breakfast (2 eggs over medium with cheese and 2 slices of toast) and then headed off to see the doctor. Oh…I am not sick, just a checkup and I had blood work done last week. Do I really like going to the doctor…you ask? No not really…I do have a great doctor. He attends Calvary and when I go, I do see a lot of people from church.

My thoughts about a trip to any doctor…I always run into weird people in the waiting room-strange. You usually sit and wait longer than your appointment. When they put you on the room with the table you are supposed to climb up on that has paper on it, I always wonder how many people go thru the drawers and help themselves to tongue depressers. Just a thought. I have sat in one of those rooms for what seemed like forever I wanted to come out and see if the doctors and nurses all left and forgot me. This never happens at my docs office.

When you sit in the waiting room and somoene is really sick and possibly contagious, how good is that? You don’t want to walk in with a mask on to keep from catching anything. Or better yet what If you showed up with a chemical suit on, how would the other people in the waiting room feel?

Here’s a good idea, well maybe just a thought. What if they had a machine they could point at ya like a the eye scanner on the movie I am legend, and if you were contagious they put you in a safe room. At the same time the waiting room could be flushed with an agent to kill any germ to protect the peeps waiting. Nice…I bet if you were the one that was contagious you would not like the feeling. Your copay would probably be higher for the safety of the environment of others. Not sure if the eye scan would go over to well.

Idea #2 instead of signing in on a pad of paper on a clipboard what if you had a fingerprint thumb scanner or an eye scanner and it automatically checked you in and gave you a waiting time…well that would probably be too much for some people. Yes my mind wanders while I wait.

My thoughts waiting at the doctors office.

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I do love my doctor and his office. Great place! Thanks dr St James it’s always a pleasure to go to your office and your staff is so nice.

The blood report came back….I am normal…shock shock.


1 thought on “Trip to the doctors office…

  1. Thought I’d say hi. Cool to have randomly landed on your blog. I was going to write about reactive vs proactive on my own blog but just randomly google’d the phrase and landed on your February posting of it. I also learned it from the 7 habits of highly effective people and was going to write to share with others in my campus fellowship.

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