mission ’09

where in the world is crave going this summer? well, here is another hint. it’s a third world country. and we have to get on a plane to get there. we will be flying out of miami on june 11 and returning on june 19th. we plan to ride down wednesday night after crave close to miami and then get up the next morning for a flight to ______________________ (this is where you guess). we will be traveling by bus, truck, or even a cow with a cart to a remote area for the first day (sounds like nicaragua) then we will head out and work very hard for 6 days, we might even paint a building. On the free day we could go rafting, snorkeling, swimming, shopping, hiking…whatever. well on saturday night i will post pictures of the country and then you will all know. still wanna go? go ahead take a guess at where we are headed?

remember the monkey in the boat? good times!


6 thoughts on “mission ’09

  1. I’ve been wanting to go on a missions trip for sooo long! I’m really excited about hopefully getting to go this summer =]] is it peru?

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