merch..outreach services for youth ministry.

6 times a year we do major outreach services filled with drama, music, and loads of fun. it’s on these nights that we pass out literally thousands of invites and see our crowd swell. we gear up everything from invites, promo, giveaways and food after the event…it’s all about souls!
we are working right now on a huge night in november called “delicious” can’t wait to put this night all together!

here are a few we have done and you can even get these by emailing us at

compel night media: $35
dvd, templates, printable and editable photoshop files, power point, the actual message, video clips, tips and more…

“unleashed” deals with destiny and how so many miss their destiny because they are leashed. this was an intense night with dogs, media and more…this one is our latest and it was “off the chain”

“what’s your style?” deals with the style of this generation…the runway of lives that miss heaven.

“is there life after death” deals with what happens when we die. heaven, hell…a mock funeral is performed on this night.

these compel nights include everything you need to have a night to remember.

other compel nights…
”the day after” deals with what will happen the day after christ returns.


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