good enough isn’t good enough!

i catch myself asking the question…what did you think of last nights service…answer= it was good! the question that i should ask myself is…was it great. Good enough is not good enough. i read this blog today about this subject and i got stirred up! here’s what hit home… “we only have 52 Sundays a year. They’re our most valuable commodity” i only have 52 wednesdays…well, really about 48 due to holidays, vacation and trips out of town. i understand that our defining moment is wednesday night, and that’s why i put so much effort into the details from set up to the flow! “Reject mediocrity. Don’t hand in the rough draft. Mediocrity never inspired anyone. And I just can’t believe it brings honor to our great God.” mediocrity is like preaching a luke warm sermon, it stinks! this young generation of preachers that are coming up want so much and are out to protect so much! whatever happened to a serious work ethic just to pull off a great service? if the shoe fits, then go barefoot on this one!

go ahead comment on this one…are you in or out?


3 thoughts on “good enough isn’t good enough!

  1. I’m in…I’m ALL IN

    I completly agree with the Idea that it’s going to cost us as leaders, a big price to do great ministry!
    I also think that in order for God to be pleased with our efforts we not only need to work hard, but we need to work smart.
    I pray everyday that God would give me wisdom.
    I pray that prayer becuase, while I work hard, I want my efforts to be put to the right things, the wise things.
    God will honor hard work, but I believe he is pleased when we use decerment to work in the right places!

    great thought…”…we only have 48 week in a year…”

  2. Wow! After everything that has happened in my life the last 6months or so i have never needed to hear that than at a time like this. Last Tursday sure it was amazing and God did thing in so many peoples life and while i was there i could really only think of how many teens my age younger and older were missing out on such an experience and God how he dealt with me i wish everyone couldve felt that. And now i dont want the next thing like everyone else or to stick with the status quo…i want no i need more. these are the last days and i know how easy it is to slip away from God’s amazing love and comfort so in response P.A. im in and i refuse to back out again and my prayer and my hearts cry is to see God change this generation and change it so everyone can see the power of God we need to wake up and get crazy for God and not be so scared. isnt it funny how those who have no religion or ones that are against the one and only God can speak louder and with more authority while we sit back and shake in fear if someone questions us a little? not funny i know but extremely sad and i know because i was that way too…but with the help of God i will not be and im putting stupidity to rest athiest…haha. God is the only God
    thanks pastor Al i needed this one

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