catching up…

i haven’t blogged in a few days…to say the least it has been a whirlwind around here! i have been a little busy. after 3 services sunday and meeting with several people on the remodel of our cafe as well as the set up of a meeting for an outreach we call hell house, i journeyed to fernandina beach with some guys on staff to get dropped off for a 130 mile bike ride. yep…we rode 130+ miles on a bike for missions. tuesday night i stayed at the church with a crew of our leaders setting up and cleaning our game room and cafe…it was nearly 11 when i left. on wednesday the norm…study, pray, hospital visits, last minute tweaks in our new middles school room and then into the service. we have a conference this weekend for young ladies called the chic conference and we are in full swing! i finished the wednesday service, ate some nachos and met with a crew on the cast for hell house, then off to orlando to pick up our guest singer for the weekend. Sarah Kelly is here for the event. it was 1 am when i got home and i need to be up by 7 am…nice! Thursday is here and the whirlwind continues…off to see fireproof with the school, get stuff ready for the chic conference and record voice overs for Jinny. my week will be a blur…but manic monday is on the way!



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