2008 chic conference

this weekend was all about creating a special moment for girls. my wife has such a burden for girls and has held a conference we called chic for the past 4 years. this year our pastor’s wife spoke on friday night and Jinny spoke today. Sarah Kelly was our guest music artist and keisha cory led worship. the weekend was full of moments that ministered to girls right where they are. today i was so proud of my wife as she declared the word and spoke with such passion and confidence. the altars were filled with students getting in position to hear the right voice…the voice of God! My wonderful wife is known for going overboard, but this weekend she laid it all out on the field. She has grown into her own, and for that I am so thrilled to wake up next her each and every day!

From the fashion show to the breakout sessions girls were ministered to on every level! it is truly remarkable to see God take a weekend and use it to mold and shape the lives of students and leaders. we find that so many are in the fight of their life in ministry and just to pull off this conference it was truly a fight! you know your doing something right, when the fight gets so intense. we have some great leaders, for which i am so thankful, that truly do love the work and life of ministry. someone asked once, “how do you spell ministry?” W.O.R.K. every ounce of work we as a team put into this weekend was well worth it all, just to make a difference in a life! It’s all about the girls!

If you truly want to make a difference in someone’s life, then it will cost you time, energy and money! if you are not willing to spend what you have, even if it’s your time, then you truly wont make a lasting difference in lives. If you are a leader and you want to make a difference, then count the cost. better yet, go ahead, i dare you! make a sacrifice and give more than what you have been. pay a students way to an event with no strings attached, even if they don’t appreciate you for it! spend extra time with someone just to invest in their lives, no strings attached. Go out of your way to serve someone in ministry, not to be recognized, but to simply make a difference in someone else!

this weekend was all about the girls…thanks crave leaders for making this weekend a great moment!

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