monday…great day!

today i started the day off by taking my kiddos to school. i woke up totally exhausted by the week before. we did so much that at times it was a bit overwhelming. here’s a glimpse into my week. last monday i rode 100 miles on a bike for missions. From Fernandina Beach to Palm coast. Tuesday i rode 35 miles to Ormond and then spent the evening working on pour cafe remodel. at 11 pm i finally left of home, then wednesday was here. Wednesday was all about crave…as well as finishing up some touches on the remodel, and at the end of service i headed to orlando to pick up Sarah Kelly for the chic conference. 1 am i landed flat on m face in bed. Thursday was a work day, as well as a day to take 120 students to see fireproof. it was a great movie, i even shed a few tears…thursday night i started to set up the stage for the chic conference that started on Friday. there was so much to do…we even had a 14′ eiffel tower to build. On friday everything was finished for the chic conference and the service kicked off at 6:30…around 140 in the morning i fell out after editing voice overs for my wife’s message. Saturday was a blur of chics, breakout sessions, fashion show, lunch, concert with sarah kelly and a closing service and then the massive turn around of the buildings…

sunday came early with parking for the choir, moving a few buses and then 3 services. sarah sang in 2 of the services and the house was packed! olive garden and lunch with friends, before 2 meetings and continued clean up of the office. a conference can truly wreck your office…where else do they dump the debris? monday is today and i woke up energetic…i cleaned 2 bathrooms washed my car and then drove to orlando to shop and eat lunch with sarah before she flies out to LA. it’s now 7PM i am home watching last mondays episode of heroes. wow what a weird ending! poor hiro!

monday…a great day!


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