the spoiled chuch…

Jesus came to this world not to spoil us, but to give us life and that life is in Him. If Jesus walked on the earth today, would he choose going out with friends over an event the church puts on? would he choose to “take it easy” over attending a conference designed to enhance his spiritual life? would he choose to stay home, work, go out on a boat, mow the yard, sleep…etc over going to God’s house to be with God’s people and hear God’s word? i think not. if Jesus were walking on the earth today I believe he would be all about whatever the church was doing to enhance a believers spiritual life as well as whatever the church was doing to reach the lost…basically every time the doors of the church would open He would show up!

spoiled…an overindulged individual. if the word spoiled points to a person that is over indulged, then it’s a good word to describe much of today’s generation. todays teenager is over indulged on entertainment. entertainment is all about the feel good factor. if it feels good and does not demand much commitment then I’m in… if it feels good and it’s the popular thing to do, then I’m in… Just because it feels good, does not necessarily mean it is good. there is nothing wrong with entertainment, or feeling good, so don’t read into the point i am hoping to make! today’s teenager is spoiled because a lack of commitment to the church itself! many are more interested in what their peers think rather than be totally committed to church! an empty seat in a church can’t do much of anything…it can’t give an offering! it can’t pray for the lost! it can’t be imparted into! it can’t be deposited into! it can’t change the world! it can’t worship! it can’t get saved! it can’t even encourage someone…it is what it is empty! too many chairs are empty…and some of it is simply because we have a generation of overindulged students! i love to ask students if they are gonna be in church on a particular day…the answers i get many times is “maybe”! are you kidding me? “maybe” means if something else does not come up. “maybe” means if something else is more important. “maybe” means i guess the nails were not enough to get me in church this week! “maybe” is the answer of the spoiled chuch…

this generation needs a fresh encounter with God that will eliminate the word maybe from their vocabulary and replace it with a definite YES! where else would you expect a follower of christ to be, than in a place where others are following christ!

if you are in ministry comment back your thoughts on this one!


1 thought on “the spoiled chuch…

  1. Dead on. We are dealing with a generation of consumers. With the consumer mindset, students are just in church for what they can get out of it. When the goosebumps are gone and they have gotten all they “think” they can get is gone, they check out. I believe we are to shift this generation from the consumer mindset to the producer mindset. Just a thought….

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