ministry moment…you gotta be willing to sow!

today i met a friend in ministry for lunch and had a great opportunity to sow into someone else’s ministry in a personal way. we shared ideas and addressed struggles and left with a greater appreciation for each other. i am in no way a place where i have arrived in ministry. a place where everything is just marvelous. a place where there are no worries and no struggles. if anyone is their, can you let me know what deserted island you are marooned on? i am in possibly the best position anyone could ever be in ministry, yet if you want to go to the next dimension there is gonna be a fight to get their. ministry is a privilege, i look at it this way, i get to wake up everyday and make a difference in peoples lives! i get to stand up in front of hundreds of students and preach! i get to be in a place where people are getting saved, filled and delivered every week! some people dread to go to their meager pathetic place of ministry…BUT i have learned one great thing. If you ever get too big that you don’t have time for people in ministry. then you are probably too big for yourself. my joy is to be able to share with other youth guys what God is doing in our situation and share the wisdom that God has imparted to us. i can remember being young in ministry and a guy spent time with me. i was so encouraged i can remember popping into his youth ministry unannounced on vacation just to experience what “it” was all about! thanks deon for being so open to someone so young in ministry.

So today was a good day! I was excited to connect with someone locally in ministry and sow into their situation! The way I see it…you gotta be willing to sow into others and God will continue to flow into your own ministry! We are all on the same team anyway…why not help someone out! You can’t do that if you are living on a deserted island.

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