monday is a day for?

it’s monday and the kiddos are home and this will be a short blog. i woke up to a wrestling match and dog pile in the bed…gotta love my boys. the weather in Florida, especially in the fall is amazing. its like 70 degrees out there a slight breeze and i am cooking bacon and whole wheat pancakes on the grill. there are so many things on my mind to do…here is just a few: go over the script and make adjustments for a “hell house” outreach meeting tomorrow, work on my message for wednesday (i am in a series called deeper, and i am going to dive into the truth that love is unselfish and love is serving…you can play in the shallows of your faith or you can wade out into the depth of love and service), i need to trim the palm trees, email the office-darn i just did that, i am getting my haircut today (short-tired of the longer hair), schedule some activities, meetings and events for the spring and summer, trim the palm trees out front, work on a to do list that never stops and keeps on growing…update the web-sight……yada yada yada…

today i am taking the day off and chilling with the boys…haircut and indiana jones and the crystal skull.


if you are at work today reading this..sorry i am laying around today!


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